Sabtu, 10 Desember 2011

Baojie advises continued teamwork

south_asean_elite_AR_close_3x2Kuala Lumpur: AFC Referee Committee member Sun Baojie has advised Assistant Referees in a course in Kuala Lumpur to continue working as a team as it is the most important ingredient in the field of play.

Speaking while closing the AFC Elite Assistant Referee Course for the South and ASEAN regions held on 4-6 December 2011, Baojie said:

“You should not only treasure the knowledge gained during the inaugural course for Assistant Referees but also pass it on to others in your own countries.

“You have lived, studied and worked together as a family for three days during the course and this feeling should be maintained. In the field of play, teamwork is of upmost importance.”

The course for the South and ASEAN regions was the last of a series of three courses conducted by AFC for Elite Assistant Referees who will be appointed to officiate games organised by AFC and FIFA. They will work in trios with an Elite Referee.

The participants had expressed satisfaction and happiness to be a part of the course and are looking forward to the new season, hoping the educational activity will be a permanent feature in AFC’s referee education programmes.

Noboru Ishiyama (JPN), Anprasert Pirom (THA) and Ahmad Khalidi (MAS) were the instructors for South/ASEAN course while the other two courses were held on December 1-3 in Kuala Lumpur and Dubai for the East/ Central and West regions respectively.

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